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Chris Breslin
Phone: (212) 309.8941
Email: Christopher.Breslin@voya.com
Focus: Financial Communications, Retirement, Investment Management, Employee Benefits
KC Emery
Phone: (860) 580.2981
Email: Kathryn.Emery@voya.com
Focus: Employee Benefits
Tiffany Hawks
Phone: (212) 309.8915
Email: Tiffany.Hawks@voya.com
Focus: Corporate Communications
Kris Kagel
Phone: (212) 309.6568
Email: Kristopher.Kagel@voya.com
Focus: Investment Management – Fixed Income, Equities, Multi-Asset Strategies and Solutions, Senior Loans
Laura Maulucci
Phone: (860) 580.1278
Email: Laura.Maulucci@voya.com
Focus: Retirement, Advertising/Brand/Corporate Marketing, Broker-Dealer Communications, Business Marketing
Trisha Porter
Phone: (860) 580.1244
Email: Trisha.Porter@voya.com
Focus: Digital Strategy
Donna Sullivan
Phone: (860) 580.2980
Email: Donna.Sullivan@voya.com
Focus: Digital Strategy
Bill Sutton
Phone: (860) 580.2626
Email: William.Sutton@voya.com
Focus: Retirement, Annuities, Individual Life, Risk